So Dear Television and I returned to our favorite new show Broad City at the end of its first season. I wrote an experimental, semi-silly, semi-serious ode to the dance moves of Ilana Glazer, with references to Walter Benjamin, the In Living Color Fly Girls, film scholar Donald Crafton, Spike Lee, and Ellen Degeneres:

“To say that Broad City is interested in possibility rather than the slow death of it is not to say that it’s unaware of the way the world works. People are cruel on Broad City, and stupid decisions have consequences. James Murphy, the musician and fellow dancing Brooklynite, sang: ‘I wouldn’t trade one stupid decision for another five years of life.’ And Broad City, like the best dance music, is about the joy of stupid decisions and the way that living through your desires, living through the connection you feel to another person, makes you bulletproof to cruelty and anger, if even only momentarily. The feeling produced is more profound than the thing producing it. Ilana Glazer might just be dancing because she feels like it, but I think it’s important that somebody is.”

“Theses on the Dance Moves of Ilana Glazer”