MAD MEN / “Time & Life”

For Dear Television at The Los Angeles Review of Books, I wrote about repetition, novelty, Peggy, Stan, and the strange artful history of cursing on Mad Men: “Don turns to him and says, ‘Why are you cursing?’ It’s a peak moment of Weird Ginsberg, but it’s also one of the show’s great sly acknowledgments of cultural and generationalContinue reading “MAD MEN / “Time & Life””

MAD MEN / “The Forecast”

I wrote about “The Forecast,” the first great episode of the back end of Mad Men‘s final season, for Dear Television at the LARB. Specifically, I wrote about the amazing director Jennifer Getzinger and why maybe repetition isn’t a bad thing: “Bert Cooper was on this show for so long as a reminder, not of deathContinue reading “MAD MEN / “The Forecast””

MAD MEN / “Severance”

Dear Television is back on the Mad Men beat at The Los Angeles Review of Books for the final episodes of the series. I enjoy writing about this show more than any other, and I’m particularly pleased that we’ll be documenting Don Draper’s Decline and Fall at LARB. I wrote about the premiere episode and the ghostly return of oneContinue reading “MAD MEN / “Severance””