This weekend, I saw Interstellar, and I saw Beyonce’s new video for “7/11.” One of them I couldn’t stop thinking about. So here’s my piece for Slate about why I find a little more hope in Beyonce’s hand-held, participatory digital aesthetic than I do in Christopher Nolan’s big-screen throwback. “‘7/11’ is already made of GIFs; it Vines itself. WhenContinue reading “BEYONCE & DIGITAL CINEMA”


I’ve inaugurated a new Dear Television feature for The Los Angeles Review of Books. “Necro-streaming” is the watching of a television show’s remaining episodes after it’s been canceled. Today, I wrote about Selfie, Freaks and Geeks, and the mercifully un-canceled Jane the Virgin. “But there is something lovable about a piece of culture whose life was so awkward andContinue reading “NECRO STREAMING”