homeland.wall.moodleThis week at Dear Television, we focused on why we ditch or stick with shows that have gone off the rails. I present to you my essay on why we should indulge Homeland:

“We had to sit through it because Carrie had to sit through it. We had to endure it because it needed to be endured for a greater purpose. We had to grow to hate Homeland so that Homeland could earn our love. Needless to say, I loved it. Like M. Night Shyamalan, Alex Gansa had put me, as a viewer, through an intolerably long stretch of stupid television in order to smack me over the head four episodes in.”

“Trust Fumes: Staying with Homeland



Hitting the FanThis week at Dear Television, we’re covering my favorite series, The Good Wife. I wrote about sex, speed, and the show’s place in the hierarchy of cable and network television:

“In ‘Hitting the Fan,’ the courtroom disputes are so fast as to be almost surreal, decisions handed down, fates decided. The jokes fly quickly and by inference. Traumas and set-backs quickly compound like multi-car pile-ups. From Alicia and Peter’s ambitions to the broad arc of Lockhart Gardner, The Good Wife is a show about the tension between impulse and plan, spontaneous event and long history, chaos and order, the Dynamo and the Virgin.”

“The Fastest Show on TV: On The Good Wife