Last week for Dear Television at The Los Angeles Review of Books, we wrote about Horror TV from Alfred Hitchcock to American Horror Story: Coven. My post focused on Fox’s excellent new series Sleepy Hollow: “Sleepy Hollow for its part seems content, for now, to revel in lightly toying with its generic forebears, but it certainly has the potential toContinue reading “HORROR WEEK!”

NETFLIX, The Way We Watch Now

Dear Television held a symposium on Netflix, or the Way We Watch Now, at The Los Angeles Review of Books this week. I wrote about re-watching TV series as a practice with its own joys, limitations, and even aesthetics. And I close with a long-overdue ode to re-watching NBC’s The Office. “Streaming may have artificially limited the canon,Continue reading “NETFLIX, The Way We Watch Now”


This week, Dear Television returns to The Los Angeles Review of Books to anchor its new blog! We’ll be covering a different show or topic every week, and it all starts off with Showtime’s new series Masters of Sex, about Masters and Johnson. “What we’re being set up to see is an open-ended series about the toll that telling canContinue reading “MASTERS OF SEX / “Pilot””