MAD MEN / “In Care Of”

“What Sally Sees” I close out Dear Television’s coverage of Mad Men, Season Six at The New Republic with a close look at the season’s closing scene. All my pet theories—Don’s de-centering as protagonist, the ascendance of Sally and Peggy as the show’s primary points-of-view—come home to roost. “As the song plays out and theContinue reading “MAD MEN / “In Care Of””

MAD MEN / “The Better Half”

“Status Quo Ante Bellum” Here’s my take on the ninth episode of Mad Men’s sixth season: “Even Betty’s body became a (lecherous) object of nostalgia this episode. It’s hard to tell whether Matthew Weiner more enjoys punishing January Jones by putting her in that fat suit or leering at her after she’s allowed out ofContinue reading “MAD MEN / “The Better Half””